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1. Players: Open Roster

2. Equipment: Men’s regulation ball

3. Timing: Two 18 minute running halves
4. Teams and players are required to wear numbered uniforms 
5. All female baskets equal +1  (see details below)**


NLA Basketball follows the guidelines of NCAA Men’s Basketball with these



Illegal equipment includes the following:

All jewelry (ie: barrettes, rings, string bracelets, rubber bands, eye rings, etc.)

A guard, cast or brace made of hard and unyielding leather, plaster, pliable (soft)

plastic, metal or any other hard substance - even though covered with soft padding

when worn on the elbow, hand, finger, wrist or forearm.


Every Captain is required to sign in each player eligible to play on game night. Any points scored by a player not listed on the score sheet will not be counted.


1. 5 players on the court - no gender requirements/restrictions.

2. Teams must have at least 4 players present to start a game. If at least four players are not present at the

scheduled game time, a forfeit will be declared.

3. A speaking captain shall be designated for each team. He or she alone may

approach the officials with questions. Individuals designated as coaches will be

considered team players.

Female Scoring:
-All non free throw baskets made by a female equals a plus 1. That means a 2 pointer is worth 3 points, and a 3 pointer is worth 4 points.
-Free throw DO NOT have a plus 1 attched.
- Should a female be fouled on a regulation shot, she will get an extra free throw that would equald the plus 1. So for example, if a female gets fouled attempting a layup, that would now be a three shot foul.
- Females shooting technicals do not get any plus 1s.
- 1 and 1 situations equals an extra free throw.
- Should a foul occur on a continuation basket and basket counts, the basket will include a plus 1 and the female will just receive one free throw.


1. The game will consist of two 18-minute halves, with 2 minutes between

halves. The clock will run continuously throughout the game until the last 2 minutes

of 2nd half if point differential is 10 or less.

2. During the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half (if 10 points or less differential), the clock will stop during all dead balls.

3. Game time is forfeit time!

4. Each team will be allowed (4) time-outs per game (2 in the first half, 2 in the 2nd half). A timeout is 30 seconds and the  clock will stop for those 30 seconds.

5. In the event of a tie game at the end of regulation, a Free Throw Overtime Shootout will take place. Each team will provide 4 separate players to shoot from the free throw line. Team that makes the most shot wins. If there is a tie after the first shootout, sudden death take place.

Time-outs cannot carry from half to half.   Just the same, they time outs not used during regulation play CANNOT be used in overtime periods.


Teams who forfeit due to no shows or roster deficiencies must pay a $30 forfeit fee before their next game.

League Guidelines

- This league is intended to be a social league where men and women have equal

opportunity to play competitive basketball.

- Good sportsmanship is required. Arguing with officials or other players is

prohibited and may result in a technical foul.

1. NCAA rules will be in affect unless otherwise sated

2. Bonus One-on-One free throws will be awarded on the 7th team foul

3. Two free throws will be awarded on the 10th team foul

Free Throws

1. Players may enter the lane as soon as the ball hits the rim.

2. Shooter must remain behind the line until the ball contacts the rim or backboard


Player disqualification results from:

Accumulating 5 personal fouls (technical fouls count as personal fouls)

2 technical fouls (1 game suspension)

1 flagrant or excessive foul (1 game suspension)

A player who is removed from the game may face stronger penalties depending

on the severity of the incident

Team disqualification results from:

4 technical fouls accumulated by players or team in a single game.

Team may be eliminated from post season tournament play

A game stopped by the official for misconduct.

Fan Behavior

Team Captains are responsible for fans. A technical foul will be assessed to the team

captain/bench if fans are acting in an unsportsmanlike manner.

Substitutions (in game)

- Substitutions can only occur during a dead ball.   To sub during a game, the sub or subs must head over to the scorer’s table and announce the intention to sub.  Then during a dead ball, the player can call out “SUB” to signal to the ref that a substitution is to take place.


- Please remember that NO OUTSIDE NON ROSTERED PLAYERS are allowed.

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