League Format

The Basketball League will feature adult 5 on 5 full court basketball play. Teams will be comprised of players representing their respective companies. The league will host games on Tuesday or Thursday night depending on final number of teams.   League seasons will last 8 weeks, which will offer each Division night 6 regular season games and 2 weeks of playoffs.

Team Format

Teams will feature players who are representative/employees of approved participating companies. Each roster will require a minimum of 7 registered players and can carry maximum of 12. If approved, larger companies can have the option of submitting multiple teams/rosters.  Rosters are "open" - meaning there are no gender requirements/restrictions in place.   

Game Format

Each game will feature 5on5 full court play. Games will have two 18 minutes halves, with a 2 minute halftime break. Game times will be as follows: 515pm, 6pm, and 645pm. 2 professional basketball referees and 1 electronic scorekeeper will be provided for each game. Standard recreational adult league basketball rules will be enforced.  (see rules page)

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